Saturday, January 23, 2010

Make Your Own MW2 Classes!

This program will allow you to make your own classes(you could have two main weapons AND a secondary, etc.)

Here are some instructions to follow

* Use Easy Account Manager to export your stats.
|__ run EAM, then start up MW2. Alt-tab out of MW2 and click "Export Stats", this will give you "playerstats.txt"

* Backup your playerstats.txt file (copy it).
* Copy your "playerstats.txt" file in the same folder as this application
* Launch the application, and start creating custom classes.
* Close EasyClassEditor
* Import your modified playerstats.txt with EasyAccountManager

Make sure you put the correct attachements on the right weapons (the application won't throw an error but it will not work in game) for example DO NOT put a noobtube on an RPG.

1.0.180 Unlock ALL Weapon Attachments For ANY Weapon

This program lets you unlock all the weapon attachments for ANY weapon on MW2.

1. Start The Hack
2. Go to barracks
3. Press the corresponding hotkey
4. Get the last one of the challenge yourself
5. Unlock and OWN

(yes, it does say 1.0.177, but I've tested this and it DOES work on 1.0.80)

MW2 1.0.180 ESP Hack

IW released a new update for MW2, and somebody has already released a new ESP hack!

- Extract oshbpcod6.dll and Winjector.exe from the rar file you downloaded, using WinRAR.
- Open Modern Warfare 2.
- Alt tab back to Windows when your in the main menu (not in-game!)
- Open Winjector. If you can see the top box (Target Process), click on it and find "iw4mp.exe" (usually somewhere below on the list), and on the lower box, hit the "..." button and browse for the oshbpcod6.dll, wherever you extracted it to.
-click "+inject", and you should hear a BEEP.
-Exit winject and have fun pwning everyone on MW2!

Welcome to mw2 hax!

This site will have the newest free Modern Warfare 2 hacks/mods/mw2 updates.